Does IoT spell the end of your job?

Montreal,Quebec,Canada-june 14,2012:Apple computers logo on facade window of Apple store in Montreal Canada.Apple revealed details on the HomeKit earlier last week at the Worldwide Developer's Conference. HomeKit is Apple's home automation framework that allows Apple devices a way to configure, communicate, and control the "internet of things," including connected lights, speakers, security systems, and more. HomeKit compatible devices can be paired with an iOS device in a [...]

The importance of a CMMS for new Data Centers in Canada

Infrastructure MattersMicrosoft announced yesterday that they will be delivering commercial cloud services from Canada and opening two new data centers: one in Quebec and the other in Toronto. This expansion will further strengthen Microsoft's footprint in Canada's competitive cloud landscape. Kevin Turner, chief operating officer mentioned, the new data centres will upgrade the company's cloud computing [...]

Lessons We All Can Learn from the Recent Texas Floods

1,400 structures in Houston damagedOver 2,000 people were forced to leave their homes last Sunday because of the record rainfall that hit parts of the Mid-West. Widespread flooding in Texas, Oklahoma, and northern Mexico have caused at least 35 casualties -- 14 in northern Mexico, 15 in Texas and six in Oklahoma -- because of tornadoes and flooding from [...]

Takata airbag recall causes Japan to reconsider maintenance practices

34 Million Vehicles RecalledEarlier this week, Takata announced their plans to boost production of parts needed to replace the air bag inflators that could potentially spray metal shards on passengers. Takata has doubled its recall to 34 million vehicles that have been affected by this problem, making this the largest automotive recall in U.S. history. Investigators are still [...]