Cuban Entrepreneurs and U.S. Big Business

iStock_000041515676_XXXLargeMore commerce. More investment opportunity. More travel. More telecommunications expansion. The answer is more, and it may not be coming quickly for Cuba, but it is definitely on the horizon. As mentioned in my prior articles, Cuba’s new diplomatic policy with the U.S. is opening up new opportunities that seemed impossible before because of the [...]

The Expansion of Cuba’s Internet Infrastructure

Conversations have been in place since December 17, 2014, when Cuba and the United States announced that they will re-establish diplomatic relations after a half-century of hostility. This will cause a huge change in the economic status of Havana, Cuba and its consumers. Under Obama’s plan, American companies would be allowed to export building supplies [...]

The Best of April Fools 2015

coca-cola-sip-CSP640April 1st: A prank or not a prank? That is the question. Which of this year's pranks were you hoping to be true? I have compiled my top 15 from around the Globe that range from a pet lover's dream to the savviest of tech toys. Enjoy the laughs. Top 15 Global April Fools Jokes [...]