The Best of April Fools 2014

Banana Sub featuredDid anyone else think that this year's April Fools posting around the net were sort of tame? Lots of cute stuff but no rolling on the ground laughing this year. Notably missing from the top 15 this year is Google who just didn't have anything special April Fools Videos and Stories The top choices this [...]

Google, NSA Create New Facility Management Program

Frustrated Maintenance ManagerGoogle and the National Security Agency (NSA) announced plans today to create a new facility management technology for use in protecting energy, oil and communication industries. The ambitious project will alert facility management, asset managers and Homeland Security to real-time vulnerabilities that could be exploited by our Nation's enemies. Facility Maintenance Solution Kills Two Birds [...]

The Best of April Fools 2013

skype space featuredNow that we have all had the chance to read or view this year's April Fools pranks it is only fitting to list the best I have found from across the globe. Unlike other best of April Fools listings, my list is not top heavy with Google pranks because for the most part I thought [...]

Infrastructure Payments from the Stimulus Act of 2009 Suspended

jesters featuredWith the first quarter fiscal results in, the Obama Administration has decided to suspend billions in payments remaining from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 based upon recommendations from the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB). Infrastructure Improvements without Asset Management The decision which goes in effect on September 30, 2013 affects $64 [...]