Yet Another Self-Inflicted Olympic Crisis

Olympic Asset ManagementThere was a recent article which noted that another potential 2022 Olympic host (Oslo) has withdrawn from consideration after the Norwegian government advised against hosting the event. To be honest I am not surprised by Oslo's withdrawal as the Sochi Olympics was a huge Olympic asset management failure. But I do question the reasoning behind [...]

Currently Trending in Asset Management, Maintenance and Facilities-9-30-2014

California Drought 2014

Keeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends can help you identify opportunities and problems for your own organization. This type of information can also provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management. This monthly brief will share some of the articles and tips (including our own) that may influence your organization’s […]

Why Cities Can Learn from Casino Asset Maintenance

Las Vegas CasinosFew industries capture the imagination and complexities of maintenance management like Casinos. Small in comparison to the average city, each casino facility is but a microcosm of the issues that governments face. But is it the scope of maintenance problems or just better maintenance management that enables casinos to operate more successfully than a city? [...]