Is your Maintenance Ready for Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving maintenanceWhat will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Are you happy that you actually have a long weekend or that your maintenance backlog has been minimized? The individual things you are thankful for doesn't matter as much as the idea of being thankful. Thanksgiving is for remembering the positives in life as the positives are [...]

7 Last Minute Halloween Maintenance and Facility Management Tips

Halloween MaintenanceHalloween is the fourth most popular holiday with consumers and yet is a nightmare for maintenance professionals and facility managers in industries ranging from shopping centers to hospitality. The reason is simple; candy masks and parties results in difficult cleanup, pain in the *^% repairs and disguises for thieves. Halloween Maintenance, Candy and Costumes The [...]

Currently Trending in Asset Management, Maintenance and Facilities-10-30-2014

Lodge Asset ManagementKeeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends can help you identify opportunities and problems for your own organization. This type of information can also provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management. This monthly brief will share some of the articles and tips (including our own) that may influence your organization's [...]