• Hmmmm – Funny Asset Management Failures

    I was reading an article earlier in the week about a construction goof in Spain and I started thinking about how many other world class goofs are around. This post highlights some of the funnier construction or maintenance photos I found. By the way, they are called asset management failures because true asset management starts [...]

  • Hotel Impossible – Abacrombie Inn

    This past Monday, the new season of Hotel Impossible premiered on the Travel Channel. As with the previous seasons, I will review each episode to look past the obvious reality TV drama and find some tidbits that hoteliers, hotel managers and hospitality professionals can use to improve their hotels and lodge operations. The format is [...]

  • How Industrial Automation Could Fit Into Your Business: A Beginners Guide

    Industrial automation ranges from simple machines to complex robotic systems. Asset and maintenance management is critical to the successful implementation and care of all machines. To help you understand how automation has changed the way we do business, we are happy to have a guest article today by Danielle Mcann, with Automation Solutions Industrial Automation [...]

  • Amazing But Horrific Week of Disasters

    WOW!, what an interesting week of events around the globe and in the U.S.A. In the last seven days the world has witnessed an airline disaster, a major train wreck, a volcanic eruption, earthquakes and a tropical storm develop. It does not matter if the cause is natural, human error or asset failures because the [...]

  • Schools Out, Maintenance is Not

    Raise your hand is your school system is well funded and does not have a budget problem. Can’t do it? Then maybe it is time to go back to school and re-learn the principles of asset and maintenance management. Because with better school asset and maintenance management your school will not have to sit idle [...]