• How to Turn Cardboard into a EAM CMMS Document Scanner

    When someone mentions the scanning of documents such as contracts, blueprints and photos into your EAM CMMS system, do you cringe thinking now you have to buy a high-end document scanner? While it would be nice if we all had unlimited budgets, the reality is document scanning can be done very easily with just a [...]

  • Mintek Saves the World

    What a year!!! It was just a year ago that Japan was rocked by an earthquake, disease and pestilence ravaged third world countries like England, Germany and China. In addition, the world’s financial markets were set to collapse as Greece was about to put the weight of the world on its shoulders (statue pun intended). [...]

  • The Impact of EAM Software on Organizations

    Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is an invaluable tool that can be used by organizations to maximize their assets. Traditionally most organizations did not embrace whole life planning for assets, but a sea of change is occurring in how management views long-term assets. EAM software is helpful because it enables organizations to use the latest [...]

  • Need Help in Calculating a CMMS System ROI?

    When considering the purchase of enterprise level physical asset and maintenance management software the driving factor should be determining what type of return you will receive for your investment (ROI).This article will briefly discuss the more important ROI elements as well as how to use a ROI calculator to estimate the cash flow impact of [...]

  • EAM Systems Can Help Prevent Your Brand From Dying

    Every year, Wall Street analysts take a look at some global icons and place a few on a list of companies or brands expected to go out of business in the near future. More often than not, a low expectation of survival is a result of poor management that has led to a failure to [...]