Communications Asset Management for Complete System Management

Cable Warehouse Management

Our solutions offer clear visibility to your assets, wherever they are physically located. This includes traditional CPE that may be in your warehouse, riding in a technician’s truck or installed in a customer’s home.

Additionally, we offer visibility to all back-office assets like headend equipment, amplifiers, tools, PCs and other fixed assets.

Cable Forklift

Pharos cable and telecommunications management from end to end

Cable and Communications Asset Management

EIS  integrated asset management for the Cable and Telecommunications Industry

Cable asset management

Manage your assets from planning to retirement in order to extend their useful lifecycle.

End to End Communications

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Cable Warehouse Management

Pharos: The End to End Solution for CPE management

Committed to complete asset lifecycle management, Pharos assists the communication industry by accurately reflecting CPE by its physical location.

Pharos updates all back end systems, including financial applications and billing systems, as CPE moves from point to point throughout its life.

  • System of Record for all CPE; from birth to death.
  • Visibility for all supply chain points, including warehouses, field personnel, repair vendors and 3PLs.
  • Removes traditional billing systems for inventory management.
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EIS: The Solution for Integration with Your Internal Applications

If you have developed internal applications for back office solutions, EIS is the tool for you.

The open architecture of EIS allows for a consistent end-user interface for all back office application to reduce training requirements and enforce consistence processes throughout your organization.

  • Open architecture allows for secure access from all integration points.
  • Mobile device support eliminates additional steps in process.
  • Consistent processes throughout your facilities.
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CPE Management


Cable Warehouse Asset Management

EAM: Fixed Asset Management for Communications

Successful organizations are able to manage their assets from the planning stages through retirement/replacement.

The purpose of asset management is to make sure that organizations obtain the greatest return for their investment by minimizing operating costs.

  • Decreases labor costs.
  • Lowers energy requirements.
  • Lowers capital expenditures.
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EAM CMMS and Cable Blog

EAM CMMS and Cable News and Trends

Mintek’s EAM CMMS and Cable blog provides you with stories and articles that are trending and important for staying on top of trends in cable and asset management issues.

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Cable News and Trends

Looking for ways to increase revenue?  Better supply chain management of your customer premise equipment (CPE) and efficiencies in CPE movements will reduce labor and capital costs.  We can help prepare you for the future of cable inventory management.

Let us help prepare your organization for modern cable operations.

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