Communications Asset Management

Get clear visibility wherever your assets are located

Cradle to grave solution for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) management

Pharos is committed to complete asset lifecycle management by accurately reflecting CPE through its physical location.

Updates financial applications, billing systems, and system of record for all CPE.

Integration for your internal applications

Open architecture of EIS allows for a consistent end-user interface for back office application reducing training requirements and enforcing consistency throughout your organization.

Fixed asset management for communications

The goal of asset management is to manage assets from the planning stages to retirement and give organizations the greatest ROI by minimizing operating costs.

EAM CMMS and Cable News

Mintek’s blog keeps you up to date with the top stories and trends in asset management issues and cable trends from around the globe.

Our blog has been featured in DIGG, REDDIT, and picked up by major news outlets such as The Huffington Post.

Want to use the software top MSO's use for CPE Management?


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