Asset and Maintenance Management Solutions

To be competitive your asset and maintenance management should be as streamlined as possible. Mintek’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution integrates the latest and most reliable mobile technology with proven software designed to help your operations save money.

Manage your assets efficiently and effectively from planning to retirement

Manage all your documents better to minimize lost time and maximize wrench time.

Manage your work to minimize labor, repairs, energy and downtime.

Help your organization be the Best in Class

Provide multilingual support for international operations.

Stay informed on a variety of industry news and read our unique EAM CMMS blog


Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management is the heart of an organization

Keep the heart of your organization healthy by planning, organizing, monitoring and maintaining asset health during the course of an asset’s useful lifecycle.

Transcendent’s powerful hierarchical asset information gathering system will make sure you can view asset information the way you want to and also to react quickly to issues that occur.


Document Management

Document management increases wrench time.

How much time does your asset management and maintenance staff waste searching for contracts, photos, blueprints, schematics, manuals or vendor information?

Drastically reduce document search time and retrieval costs and locate documents quickly. You may never hear “I can’t find the contract” again.


Work Management

Work management for planned or unplanned maintenance is the life giving blood of your operations.

Keep the blood flowing by combining your organization’s asset knowledge with proactive maintenance planning.

It is the ability to increase proactive maintenance that will reduce maintenance backlogs and enable your organization to be more flexible when unplanned issues arise.


Best in Class

Best in class is defined by having the highest performance level in an industry

For operations that strive to be the best in class, asset and maintenance management needs to be visible throughout the organization. Increase your visibility with proven results that positively impact your organization’s bottom line.

At Mintek, we take pride in knowing our EAM CMMS solution is being used globally by industry leaders ranging from the hospitality industry to cable giants.




Multilingual support is available for global organizations

Having an EAM CMMS that will work across your international operation helps to standardize your asset and maintenance management tools.

Transcendent currently supports thirteen different languages with more being added on a regular basis. This enables your maintenance staff to use the same EAM CMMS tools as their counterparts in other countries.




Mintek’s EAM CMMS blog provides you with stories and articles that are trending and important for staying on top of asset and maintenance management issues.

Our blog covers most industries and has had articles featured on DIGG, REDDIT and picked up by major news outlets such as The Huffington Post.

Asset Management

With EAM CMMS Software you will always know where your assets are and the condition they are in.

Document Management

EAM CMMS document management stores and links asset photos, contracts to maximize wrench time.

Work Management

EAM CMMS work management reduces backlogs, lowers costs and helps assets last longer.


Check out our EAM CMMS Glossary for definitions of common asset and maintenance terms.

Transcendent® offers asset managers, engineers and FMs an opportunity to get the most from their assets through better asset management, document handling, work management and increased mobility.

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