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Asset Management Using an EAM & CMMS

One of the core features of Transcendent® is a solid Enterprise Asset Management framework. This framework offers powerful features for adding, viewing, managing, and reporting on assets. Besides the asset details, it’s easy to see related documents and contracts, as well as all maintenance history.

Add an Asset

Add an Asset

Know your Assets

The first step of knowing all your assets is to add them to your EAM CMMS.

We will provide easy to use features that make the process of adding an asset simple,

Asset Tree

Asset Tree

Powerful Hierarchical Asset

One of the most powerful features in Transcendent® is the hierarchical Asset Tree which is the core of the most powerful asset information gathering system.

Never lose track of an asset again.

Asset Details

Asset Details with Unique Inheritance

Unique Inheritance

Asset Details & Asset Templates are one of the unique ways Transcendent® stores asset information.

The powerful inheritance found in the asset templates blows away other EAM software providers.

Documents & Contracts

Documents and Assets

Exceptional document linking

Many systems attempt to store some contract or warranty information. View the powerful EAM document and contract management features.

Transcendent® has what’s been called The Best Linking of Assets to Documents and Documents to Assets by some industry experts.

Asset Grids & Views

Asset Grids & Asset Views

View assets your way

View, sort, and grid your assets the way you want to see them. A great tool for running comparisons and analysis.

Take your asset visibility to a whole new level with Transcendent’s® asset grids and views.

Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Enhanced capital analysis

If it takes months of spreadsheet compilation and 1,000′s of hours to do your capital planning… then our EAM’s asset planning features are just what you need.

Transcendent offers an amazing 10 Year Capex Report which shows all the site(s) assets and their replacement schedules.

Asset Management

With EAM CMMS Software you will always know where your assets are and the condition they are in.

Document Management

EAM CMMS document management stores and links asset photos, contracts to maximize wrench time.

Work Management

EAM CMMS work management reduces backlogs, lowers costs and helps assets last longer.


Check out our EAM CMMS Glossary for definitions of common asset and maintenance terms.

Transcendent® offers asset managers, engineers and FMs an opportunity to get the most from their assets through better asset management, document handling, work management and increased mobility.

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