Work Management

Take back control of work management through automation, scheduling of inspections, preventive maintenance, rounds and work orders to have a proactive maintenance operation. Effective and efficient work management is a critical part of any maintenance planning.

Work Dashboard

Taking back control by knowing what is in the work pipeline

Use the work dashboard to get a management overview of all work orders currently open.

Access tools to request new work orders or view any system warnings that require action.


Use inspections to identify problems early on

Scheduled inspections allow selected assets to be examined at any desired frequency based upon experience and need.

Inspections results are then used to schedule maintenance or repairs.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps assets last longer and run better

Preventive maintenance keeps labor, repair and energy costs under control.

Planned maintenance such as preventive maintenance will also reduce backlogs.


Keeping maintenance tasks organized

Rounds allows you check on assets to make sure they are operating normally or are where they are supposed to be.

When used with proof of presence maintenance accountability will improve.

Work Order

Changing how work orders are handled

Managing the work order lifecycle through automation reduces paper flow, increases efficiency and tracks the work history of assets.

Work orders using mobile devices will virtually eliminates paperwork and is excellent for handling unscheduled maintenance.

Work Request

Automating the work request process

Eliminating paper work request ensures all work will be reviewed timely and tracked, increasing maintenance effectiveness and efficiency.

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