Work Order

Work Order Management is Critical

Work Order Details

Work Orders WOD Full

  1. The Work Order Details form provides a clear description of the work that is being completed.
  2. Email the work order directly to the assignee.
  3. Manage the inspections that need to be performed.
  4. Include all materials and cost needed to get the job done.

Work Order Notes

Completing Work Orders Accurately is Critical to Having Good Work History Information

Work Orders WOD Notes

  1. Work Orders also provide a Notes section to review comments between the Manager and handheld user.
  2. All Work Order Notes can be exported to your desired file.
  3. Use this section to identify anything out of the ordinary or not expected. For example, why the work took twice as long or the need for major repairs.

Work Order Activity

Manage Work Orders Activity More Effectively

Work Orders WOD Activity

  1. The Activity section gives you exact date and times the work order started and ended.
  2. Always know how far along your team is with each work order.