Our EAM CMMS solution can be tailored to any industry need

Every industry is unique and has its own challenges. Some industries focus on the production of goods, others may focus on client satisfaction. Regardless of the industry that you are in two things remain constant. The first is keeping assets in the best operating condition possible and the second is keeping operating expenses under control.

An EAM CMMS software solution helps asset and maintenance managers accomplish both goals by organizing assets, being proactive in maintenance, and tracking all asset information for long-term planning.

Some of the industries that can see a substantial positive impact on their operations can be found below. Even if your industry is not listed, it is a good possibility that an EAM CMMS solution can be tailored to your needs.

Amusement parks may have seasonal or year round operations. An EAM CMMS software solution fits both types of asset and maintenance management. Good work management keeps attractions running longer, increases guest satisfaction, and reduces maintenance labor costs.

Air transportation is a must in the modern world, yet the Aviation and Airport industry has struggled for years to maintain profitability. Any type of airline accident always makes the news making passenger safety as important as maintaining efficient operations. EAM CMMS systems help the aviation and airline industry accomplish both objectives.

The infrastructure for the cable industry includes office facilities, warehouses, signal transportation and is spread over large geographical areas. Keeping track of assets requires asset management software that is evolving as fast the cable industry product offerings. Better asset and maintenance management will increase efficiencies and lower operational costs for cable providers.

Perhaps no other industry has as many diverse assets as Churches and Religious Institutions. With assets including places of worship, auditoriums, schools, recreational facilities, shelters and a variety of real estate investments, keeping track of all the assets and their condition is a task best suited for an EAM CMMS solution.

The Communications industry is growing by leaps and bounds. From cellular to WiFi to the traditional radio and television each area has shown the ability to keep pace with consumer’s technological appetite. Changes in technology and growth also require the ability to get the most from assets to reduce capital needs. An EAM CMMS can keep track of old and new assets as well as make sure their useful life-cycle is extended by better maintenance management.

Data Center reliability is critical for keeping customers. 24/7/365 operations depends on making sure equipment does not unexpectedly fail. Using an EAM CMMS enables data centers to perform regularly scheduled inspections, preventive maintenance, and keep track of all results. Management reports enable data center managers to determine when assets will need replacing before they fail.

The Energy industry faces many challenges. Two of the most important challenges are producing energy efficiently and avoiding disasters. Producing energy efficiently by proper maintenance of equipment not only lowers energy costs but also extends the useful life-cycle of equipment. The second area is making sure that the energy plant assets are regularly inspected for equipment that might cause a catastrophe. Both challenges can be met with an EAM CMMS solution.

With buildings of every size, purpose, and age, facility managers juggle a variety of factors to keep tenants happy and find ways to lower energy costs. With commercial building responsible for a significant carbon footprint, more and more facilities look for sustainable ways to operate. By making sure that an EAM CMMS system is in place, facility managers will have a better handle of asset and maintenance management for sustainability and costs controls.

Governments have the widest range and oldest of assets of any industry. From modern military installations to historical monuments, inspections and preventive maintenance play key roles to keep assets in working order. Another challenge is budget cuts which causes asset and maintenance managers to do more with the same amount of resources. An EAM CMMS bridges the gap between budgets and assets allowing managers to be efficient and organized.

Home Owner Association (HOA) budgets are designed to cover operating expenses, such as maintaining common areas, sports facilities, and pools. Most HOA fees go to this endeavor, however some budgets are allocated to Reserve Funds for major repairs or changes. The basis of any good Reserve Study is an accurate accounting of all assets including their condition and projected replacement dates. EAM CMMS software provides Reserve Study data and extends asset life-cycles.

Medical care is already expensive and rising energy and labor costs eat away at capital funding for hospitals and clinics. A quality EAM CMMS helps hospital administrators lower their carbon footprint and ensure maintenance expenses are kept under control.

Hotels and Resorts are one of the industries where consumer perception can significantly affect profitability. Maintaining hotel appearance and making sure all assets are running properly can be a daunting task. Implementing an EAM CMMS helps hotels save dollars by reducing labor costs and increasing energy efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Laundry is a very labor and energy intensive operation. Keeping these costs under control requires machines that are optimized for energy performance and uptime. By using an EAM CMMS, laundry operators can make sure their assets receive proper maintenance as well as always know the condition of their equipment.

Manufacturers of all sizes depend on keeping equipment running properly in order to have profitable operating margins. Unplanned downtime and emergency labor costs can erode profit margins. One of the keys to manufacturing success is understanding the condition of all assets using an EAM CMMS and having a proactive maintenance plan including inspections and preventive maintenance that can identify problems before they become issues.

Mining generally does not receive a lot of public attention unless there is an accident. Over the last 100 years mining tragedies have decreased tremendously much of this as a result of better equipment used to eliminate combustible gases. To ensure the continued safety of miners, mining maintenance management needs to make sure that all safety equipment has been inspected and is in working order. An EAM CMMS will ensure all assets are being tracked and scheduled to meet all safety and operational requirements.

Oil and Gas usage represents the core of our Nation’s energy needs. From shipping to refineries to pipelines the Oil and Gas industry must ensure that supply interruptions are limited as well as making sure that an environmental disaster does not occur because of poor maintenance practices. EAM CMMS systems will help Oil and Gas asset managers know where their assets are and their conditions.

Preventive maintenance should be scheduled regularly in parks and recreational areas to maintain safety and cleanliness for guests. This will also increase longevity of assets and enjoyment for users. One of the best tools for being able to do less with the same amount of resources is an EAM CMMS system which organizes assets for efficient proactive maintenance scheduling.

Budget cuts have affected almost every prison and jail facility. It’s becoming increasingly important to make good repair, refurbish or replacement decisions regarding prison assets. EAM CMMS software helps prison and jail asset managers make good decisions by providing them with the ability to know the condition of their assets as well as their maintenance history.

The major goal of most property management staff is make sure tenants are happy by ensuring that facilities are clean, safe and well maintained. An EAM CMMS software helps property management identify, organize, and maintain assets through the automation of manual work tasks as well as enabling property management to be more proactive in maintenance management.

The ambience of a School or University is something students will always remember. Manicured landscaping, working classrooms, dormitories, and facilities are just a few of the assets that School and University management must maintain. Ensuring proper maintenance is easier when maintenance managers have EAM CMMS tools that streamline the work management process and provide organized scheduling of inspections and preventive maintenance.

Sports stadiums are one of the most expensive infrastructures to maintain for the enjoyment of fans and athletes. Manicured fields, seating, cleanliness, and lighting are just some of the assets managers are responsible for maintaining on a daily basis. Ensuring proper maintenance is easier when maintenance managers have EAM CMMS tools that streamline the work management process as well as provide organized scheduling of inspections and preventive maintenance.

Whether your assets include a few or hundreds of fleet vehicles, preventive maintenance such as oil changes, tire checks, and corrosion are a mainstay of fleet maintenance. Keeping track of which asset is due for inspection or maintenance is easier when work scheduling is automated and tracked. An EAM CMMS not only helps schedule proper maintenance but also tracks the complete work history of all fleet assets.

Utility companies have hundreds of thousands of assets above and below ground. Producing power and water at reasonable cost levels is dependent on the quality of work management. It starts with knowing everything about Utility assets such as location, description, and condition then automating any manual work order processes to have efficient proactive maintenance planning. Good work management ensures efficiency and lowers unplanned maintenance.

Waste Water plants are naturally filled with assets that are subject to corrosion as well as other impurities that if left unattended will cause accelerated deterioration of equipment. It is imperative that maintenance managers conduct frequent inspections to reduce corrosion and conduct preventive maintenance with the help of EAM CMMS software.

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